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What is it ?
The St. James Parent Association (SJPA) consists of all the parents of St. James students. All parents are encouraged to participate in the SJPA. The SJPA meets monthly to discuss agenda items phoned in to the school office prior to the meeting. Additionally, Sister Mary Margaret voices issues to be discussed and debated among the attendees. This group is St. James' equivalent to other schools' PTAs.

Why should I go ?
This is the ideal forum for learning about school policy, academics, sports, and fundraising. Everything from Hot Lunch to uniforms, from school spirit to computer literacy is discussed here in a friendly non-threatening environment. If you want to know what's going on and what's going to change and why, you should attend the SJPA meetings. Come prepared with ideas of your own or to engage in lively conversation about topics of interest.

When do they meet ?
The SJPA meets regularly on the SECOND Monday of the month @ 7pm; meetings usually last 1-2 hours and are conducted in the Music Room in OGC.