Sports Program

Ms. Alisa Schiappa-Gobee, Athletic Director

St. James operates a first class sports program throughout
the year.
Fall       - Girls Volleyball / Boys Football / Coed Golf
   » Winter  - Girls Basketball / Boys Basketball
   » Spring  - Girls Softball / Boys Volleyball / Coed Track

All students in the 5th - 8th grade are eligible to try out for all teams. There are both A and B teams, each of which compete against other schools in our area. There is a playing fee covering costs for referees, coaches, CYO fees, and equipment. St. James Catholic School provides the uniforms and requires return upon completion. All games take place after school except Varsity A Basketball played on Sundays. Parents are requested to help carpool to away games.

A Sports Clinic for all grades is conducted at the school for each sport, providing a fun environment for the instruction of techniques and skills, 5th - 8th grade students will participate in the fall; K- 4th grade students will participate in the spring. All students should be encouraged to attend.


Physical Education Program (PE)

Physical Education lessons and activities are sequential and based on the needs and interests of the students at various grade levels.


Student at all grade levels receive instruction in
   » Cooperative games and relays
Manipulative activities
Rhythmic activities

Emphasis is given in the following areas at specific grade levels:
K-2: Development of locomotor and non-locomotor skills;       simple games, and rhythms
3-4: Development of simple sport skills; low organized       games, and rhythms
5-6: Development of sport skills and lead-up games to team       sports
   » 7-8: Development of sport skills for team sports

Students have PE days according to the following schedule. The particular weekdays will be told to you by the student's teacher. Note: One PE days, the PE uniform (any combination of the following: SJS T-shirt, SJS shorts, SJS sweatshirt, SJS sweatpants) is to be worn all day.

   » K; 3 days / week
   » 1-4: 2 days / week
   » 5-8: 1 day / week