Registration Forms

2018-2019 School Year Registration Information and Forms

Below are the forms that are for your information or are required for registration each year. Please print out the required forms and send them in to the office. All forms are due to the office by Friday, August 31, 2018..


  • Parent Involvement – Informational – This shows the required Parent Involvement including fundraising responsibilities.
  • Tuition Rates – Informational – This lists the tuition rates and other required fees.
  • Service Hour Opportunities – Required IF you would like to be contacted regarding helping at school events – This form lists the yearly events for service hours. Print out form, check which activities you are interested in helping with, and submit the form to the office.
  • Service Hour Form – Required (after hours are performed – to be submitted 3 times) – This form is to be used to list your service hours as they are performed. Please print out form and submit to the office on November 15, January 15, and May 13. After Mrs. Dornblaser records your hours, the form will be sent back to you. Important: your service hours can only be recorded if this form is sent in. Do not assume that the office knows when you complete your service hours.
  • Homework Policy Form – Required –This form must be filled out, one per child, and sent to the office. Please be sure to have your child sign where it says “Student Signature.”
  • Church Trip Permission Form – Required for students in grades 4-8 – This form must be filled out, one per child, and sent to the office.
  • ECP Information – Informational – This shows information regarding ECP.
  • ECP Agree/Emerg Form – Required – This form must be filled out for EVERY family, regardless of whether or not you will be using ECP. This form should be returned to office as soon as possible if your child will be using ECP daily.
  • Parent Agreement – Required
  • Moving Toward Emergency Preparedness – Informational – This explains the Emergency Form and what you should pack in your Earthquake Kit (bag to be provided in first family envelope).
  • Parent’s Authorization to Use Child’s Image, Name, Voice and/or Work – Required – This form must be filled out, one per child, and sent to the office.