Hot Lunch

Mmm Mmm Catering

Mmm Mmm Catering has lunch all boxed up!
Mmm Mmm Catering prepares healthy and quality meals individually labeled with each child’s name on it for easy distribution. All meals delivered straight to the school campus.

Every meal includes the entree, one serving of fresh fruit and one serving of vegetables and your choice of water or juice. There are 3 substitute entrees choices available each menu day for those who may not want that days main entree.

Cost per Lunch will be $4.30 for Elementary portion/ $5.00 for Jr. High Portion

No-Hassle Lunch Delivery

  • All orders must be placed in advanced either monthly, weekly or daily.
  • Orders must be placed by mid-night in order to be included in the next day delivery.
  • Emergency lunches are available but must be phoned in by 8:00am the same day for an additional cost of $1.00
  • If you have ordered and your child is sick or you need to cancel a credit for your child’s meal will be added to your account but we must be notified before 8:00am of the delivery day.

Here’s how it works:

  • Every school is given a Mmm Mmm Catering I.D. number that will allow each parent to sign up their child and place meal orders.
  • Once registered, parents are able to log in to the system at any time to make orders.
  • If you have multiple children, you can order for them all at once. Pay with your credit card, so you never have to worry about lost lunch money ever again.
  • Mmm Mmm Catering will receive the orders and deliver accordingly.

To Register Your Child Go To:

The School Code For St. James School is: SJS-20189

Ordering Made Simple
Peace of mind comes with knowing what your little student is eating for lunch every day. Our online ordering system is very easy to use. It has a simple calendar format which is very natural and intuitive to use.

Online Menu Calendar
Highlighted Blue Items are the Main Entree
Highlighted Red Items are free with your meal but you can only pick one.
Highlighted Mustard Color Items are Extras and Desserts

So now how do you remember what you ordered?
1. Order confirmation email will list all the meals you just ordered.
2. History page, where you can look up your orders in either a calendar format, or just as a list. Use it as a reference, or print it out and hang it on the fridge.

To Register Your Child Go To:

If you have any questions
Please call 562.326.6544 or 424.342.4234