Developing responsible Catholic Christian leadership qualities in a student is an important focus at SJS. The Student Council, in conjunction with its moderator, plans its activities throughout the school year. Student Council members ordinarily meet once a week after school on Monday until 4:20 pm. Members may not miss more than 2 meetings during the year. Applicants for participation in Student Council must have qualifying grades in effort and behavior. A student may be removed from Student Council participation at any time if his/her behavior falls below the above identified levels. Council members who are suspended from Council membership due to disqualifying behavior and/or effort may not attend meetings or work on Council projects.

Students in grades 5, 6 & 7 may run for Student Council offices. Students in grades 4-7 may vote. There is a MANDATORY campaign meeting in May; students will be turned away if they do not attend the meeting. There are 2 campaign weeks: 1 for officers and one for commissioners. Most activities occur in May.

Students will serve volunteer hours performing a variety of school and community services. Examples of their service include the Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dances, the spiritual social, pep rallies and Tuesday's Donut Day.

2014 - 2015 Student Council:



Matthew Norambuena

Vice President:

Collin Paludi


Katherine Shanahan


Joey Raad



Lisa Akrabian
Natalie Gallulo
Lydia Johnson
Stephanie Lew

Religious Affairs:

Clare Houston
Maddie O'Dowd
Daisy Rodriguez.

Safety and Ecology:

Pierson Cordova
Alyssa di Padua
Ryan Hall

School Spirit:

Katie Miyamoto
Jacquie Raetz-Vigon
Lauren Woodword

Sergeant at Arms:

Patrick Melia


Elizabeth Ebel
Elanor Sullivan

Class Representatives:

Isabel Delgadillo
Jenny Hawkins
Amalya Mahloch
Madison Maldonado

Boys’ Athletics:

Hayden Anderson
Vincent Brady
Matthew Wilson

Girls’ Athletics:

Lidia Cicchini
Cristyn Oliver
Victoria Trevisan

Special Projects:

Grace Foreman
John Sullivan