Morning Assembly

After either 1) parking on the very limited school grounds, the adjacent park/library, or street (watch for posted towing signs), or 2) dropping the student off by following the traffic pattern, children proceed to the benches assigned for their grade. Careful attention should be given to instructing children to the correct use of the crosswalk near the 1st grade classroom. Do not allow students to walk between cars in the traffic pattern. Individual teachers will inform students of their rules for their class regarding classroom entry prior to morning assembly.

The morning bell rings at 7:57 am, sharp, after which the students are told to "Please stand"

Student Council Officers lead the following activities, in which all students participate:
   » Salute to the Cross (new students will pick this up quickly!)
   » Prayer (Our Father, Hail Mary, special prayer of the day, . . .)
   » Pledge of Allegiance
   » Patriotic song

» Students are told to "Please be seated" for any student-wide, pertinent announcements, either from Sr. Mary Margaret, Student Council and/or a variety of parent event coordinators.

» Students are told to "Have a nice day" at which time they proceed to their classrooms. Morning Assembly lasts 5-15 minutes.


The following explanations should provide some insight into the various programs offered to St. James students. Much of this information is cross referenced; please read several times to try to gain understanding.


Snack / Recess
Daily at 10:00, for 20 minutes, students are taken outside to the benches where they may eat a home-brought snack.


Hot Lunch
Hot Lunch can be ordered daily at


Free Recess
Every Friday, all students who have met their teacher's expectations of good behavior are rewarded by being able to play "freely" (=no play leaders/areas) from 2:45 pm till dismissal (3:00). No food is served, except for the occasional Sr. Mary Margaret treat. Each teacher maintains and explains her guidelines for this reward.


Play Leaders
While the K-5th graders are playing at Snack and Lunch, a designated 6th, 7th or 8th grader is assigned to supervise their activities. Every Monday, during Morning Assembly, play leaders are assigned, and the play leader meets briefly with the teacher for advice/instruction. Each grade is divided by gender for play, and a different play leader is assigned to each group. For example: Mary Smith (Kindergarten Girls - Area 2), Tom Jones (3rd Grade Boys - Area 4). The areas of play are designated, and the students understand very quickly where they are to go. The adjacent public park is used only in the area near the school; the play equipment and restrooms are strictly off-limits. Lunch time is assisted by parents on Yard Duty.


Walking the Line
In an effort to curb misbehavior, "Time out with exercise" takes place at Snack and Lunch as needed. Each teacher determines what behavior qualifies for "Walking the Line." All grades qualify, and students have to walk on the designated painted line during Snack, and/or Lunch while their peers are at play. This should be viewed as taking away the privilege of getting to play.



Birthdays are celebrated differently in each classroom; consult the teacher. Every month, Sister Mary Margaret acknowledges children with birthdays in those months to come forward during morning assembly for a free ice cream certificate (to be used that day at recess) and communal birthday song.

Please note in the School Calendar which month your class is responsible for Bingo goodies to be brought to the school office at 12:00 P.M. This means your class is responsible for baked goods for all weeks of that month. Your Room Parent should contact you. Consult your Room Parent for advice.

Bake Sales:
One day per year, each class is responsible for bringing baked goodies in the morning for sale at Snack and Lunch. Items are sold for $.50. Unsold items are sold for half price at Lunch. The students sell the items; the profit goes to charities chosen by the Student Council. Hot selling items include, but are certainly not limited to: brownies, Rice Crispy Treats, and chocolate chip cookies. You will be contacted by your Room Parent or teacher.